Monday, June 3, 2013

Memorial Projects - 2013

The judges were completely impressed by this year's projects! Here are photos of some of the standouts. These memorials were made in honor of: Holocaust victims, Holocaust survivors, Armenian Genocide victims, suicide victims, the Boston Marathon Bombing, and local hero Mildred Fish Harnack.
Katherine's memorial: "Hope"

Daniel, Ed and Taha's memorial for all genocide victims from the 20th Century

Natalie and Kalena's Boston Marathon Bombing Memorial

Eden, Ellie H. and Lily's anti-suicide memorial

Nick, Benjamin and Clayton memorial for victims of bullying

Marla and Hailey S.'s memorial honoring the Mengele Twins of Auschwitz

Martha's memorial for Holocaust Rescuers

Yousaf, Grant and Ben's memorial for the Bielski Brothers

Joe, Payton and Riley's Armenian Genocide Memorial

Ben Huff. and Joe Hershey's Genocide Victims' Memorial

Hira's Lithuanian Genocide Memorial

Stewart, Liam and Shivam's memorial for Mildred Fish Harnack, Milwaukee-native and Nazi resistance fighter

 Madeline and Amanda's Polish Holocaust Memorial

Talulah, Grace and Addie's Holocaust Memorial

Mary's Lithuanian Genocide Memorial - The Lithuanian Flame

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